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The Theological Value of the Creation Account

Even while Genesis 1 and 2 remind us of God's perfect creation of long ago, it holds out the hope of a new creation, a world restored to its original perfection and beauty and harmony.

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Divine Accommodation and Biblical Creation: Calvin Vs McGrath

In two recent publications, Alister McGrath cites John Calvin in support of divine accommodation in a theory of origins. In order to evaluate the validity of McGrath's use of Calvin, it is necessary, first, to look briefly at the concept of divine accommodation and its use as a hermeneutical tool.

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Can We Believe in Miracles?

In the Gospels, faith is both the preparation for and the product of Jesus’ miracles. The resurrection of Jesus is, of course, the supreme miracle of the gospel and is indeed the basis of Christianity. The grounds for believing in it are cogent, but no amount of evidence can convince those who at the outset assume the impossibility of such an event.

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God and Nature: An Approach to Creation

Origins may sometimes be a contentious issue in science and faith because of differing presuppositions about God's relationship to nature. An argument has been presented here that it is eminently reasonable to believe that direct supernatural action was involved in the origins of the universe, life, and humanity, and that a scientific process restricted to observable physical mechanisms is inadequate to discover and explain our origins.

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God and Calculus

The purpose of this paper is to show how to use calculus in our relationship with God. I will employ parallelism and contrast to teach the values with the hope that through teaching calculus the teacher can bring his/her students closer to God.

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The Importance of Intelligent Design Theory for Adventist Science Education

Seventh-day Adventist schools and colleges were founded by a church concerned to provide an education that did not alienate its children from their Biblical beliefs and Christian worldview. I believe that Adventist educators must become evangelists for Biblical theism.

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A Biblical Approach to the Sciences

What kind of relation should exist between science and religion? between nature and revelation? Should it be one of the conflicts or cooperation? The inspired writings present both views.

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Integrating Faith and Learning in the Teaching of Physics

Historians of science have suggested that the Judea-Christian environment of western Europe and the belief in a monotheistic God were responsible for the development of modem science in that culture. Today students can still see that Christianity and physics are compatible and that similar assumptions underlie both.

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A Biblical Approach to Geology

Beginning with the authority and historicity of Scripture, this paper outlines the importance of the biblical texts that create guidelines and boundaries for interpretation of nature in general and in the classroom. Application of this approach as a means of bolstering faith in the Christian classroom is presented, followed by evidences from the rock record that seem to me to be consistent with the biblical account of a worldwide flood.

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Issues of Origins in Zoology and Genetics: A Look at the Evidence

Zoology and genetics are required courses for biology majors. Both subjects are usually structured around the theme of the theory of evolution. A careful examination of the scientific basis of these disciplines shows that the evolutionary framework doesn't fit with a lot of their fundamental aspects, however. Some of these topics even constitute strong evidence in favor of intelligent design.

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The First Week: A Believing Scientist Reads Genesis 1

The story of our origins is a vital part of our understanding of ourselves and our world. Although many details of creation are not well understood, the Genesis story of origins provides the logical foundation for the gospel. Both science and Scripture contain many mysteries, but we can see enough to understand that the creation is the result of intentional, supernatural action by a loving Creator, and we can share this good news with others.

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Biblical Approaches to Biology

The integration of Bible and science is an uphill work that requires careful reading of both the Bible and of scientific data. Because no other natural science has traveled so great a distance down an anti-biblical road, no other science requires this corrective procedure more than biology.

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A Biblical Theology of the Flood

The question of the extent of the Genesis flood is not just a matter of idle curiosity with little at stake for Christian faith. For those who see the days of creation in Genesis 1 as six, literal 24 hour days , a universal Flood is an absolute necessity to explain the existence of the geological column. A literal creation week is inextricably linked with a world-wide flood.

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A Biblical Theology of Creation

A biblical theology of Creation is summarized in the four basics of reality contained in Genesis 1:1: "In the beginning," "God," "created," and "the heavens and the earth."

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A Biblical-Christian Approach to Teaching Philosophy of Science: A Proposal

How can a teacher present Christian values to students. Can a Philosophy of Science teacher reveal Christ in an enviromnent of academic pressure, secularism, and an indifference to the Christian worldview?

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What Size is Your God?

We should be cautious in seeking, from our human perspective, to place a limit on the person and power of God. We cannot measure or understand God from the standpoint of our inadequacy. Nor can we appreciate fully the role of God in this earth and its history from the limited perspective of our intelligence.

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Science and Theology: Focusing the Complementary Lights of Jesus, Scripture, and Nature

The purpose of this study is to explore the complex relations between science and theology and to suggest a viable solution to this group of problems.

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Chance or Design? The Long Search for an Evolutionary Mechanism

There has been a long and arduous search for a plausible evolutionary mechanism that would produce complex organized life. We shall look briefly at the past two centuries of this search.

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The Earth of Genesis 1:2: Abiotic or Chaotic? Part 3

This analysis of the Heb of Gen 1:2 has sought to find answers to difficult questions. Does Gen 1:2 describe a watery chaos that existed before the Creation? Is there a direct relationship between Gen 1:2 and the mythology called Chaoskampf?

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The Bible and the Philosophy of Science

The purpose of this paper is to identify and assess five elements of a Christian philosophy of science implied in the verse "worship Him who made the heaven and the earth, and sea, and the springs of waters" (Rev 14:7) which is so central to mainline Seventh-day Adventist theology.

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