Scientific research applies a specific method of data collection and its logical interpretation to gain understanding of the physical world. This approach has proven to be one of the most effective tools in gaining knowledge of the world humans inhabit and its history. Another major source of knowledge about the past is written history recorded in the Bible. Yet even with the Biblical record of history and accrued scientific knowledge, numerous questions remain that encourage further research. The Geoscience Research Institute conducts research with the dual purposes of adding to scientific knowledge and improving our understanding of the relationship of the physical world and the biblical account of origins. In addition to staff research projects, the Institute provides grants as seed money for investigations concerning questions related to the mission of the Institute. Major research activities of the Institute are illustrated on these pages.

Current Staff Research

Sponsored Research

Sponsored Research: Grant Information

Geoscience Research Institute grants are awarded to academic scientists conducting origins research of originality and importance in the earth and life sciences. Potential funding is greatest for research furthering understanding of relations between the Seventh-day Adventist Church and these sciences.

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