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Composition and Microstructure of Opaline Silica in Ichnofossils of the Oligocene of Ica (SW Peru)

Short research communication, stemming from GRI-funded research, documents rare case of silicification of ichnofossils.

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Design Dissected

Book review by David G. Pennington

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Origin of Life: Energy Harnessing

The latest episode of “Long Story Short," an engaging and informative series of short animated videos on the challenges faced by models of chemical evolution, covers the issue of energy harnessing. The series is produced by the Center for Science & Culture of the Discovery Institute.

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Simulation of Cooling in a Magma Chamber: Implications for Geothermal Fields of Southern Peru

A peer-reviewed paper funded by the Geoscience Research Institute models the cooling rate of a granitic/volcanic magma chamber using convection as well as conduction. This study is part of an ongoing project to better understand processes that affect heat flow rates and hopefully can be useful in developing geothermal energy resources in southern Peru.

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Automatic Classification of Felsic, Mafic, and Ultramafic Rocks in Satellite Images from Palmira and La Victoria, Colombia

A peer-reviewed paper funded by the Geoscience Research Institute describes the automatic classification of several “granitic” rock types using machine learning techniques to analyze natural color and infrared satellite images. This introductory study is part of a project to identify different rock types as seen in readily available satellite pictures.

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Automated Machine Learning Pipeline for Geochemical Analysis

A recent peer-reviewed paper funded by the Geoscience Research Institute uses machine learning techniques to analyze large geochemistry data sets from granitic and volcanic rocks. This introductory study may aid in understanding factors that affect geological rates, including the effects of water.

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GC Session 2022: Faith and Science Devotional Presentations

GRI devotionals, exploring the relationship between Scripture, faith, and science

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Origin and Development of Beaches

How are beaches originated? How long do they take to form?

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