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A Whale of a Story

New short video by The John 10:10 Project discusses design and the incredible set of adaptations for aquatic life exhibited by humpback whales

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Applications Open for Discovery Institute Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design

Organized by the Center for Science and Culture, the 2022 Summer Seminar program will be offered both in person and online.

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Temporal Evolution of Cooling by Natural Convection in an Enclosed Magma Chamber

Heating and cooling of magma (liquid rock) is an important topic of research for those studying igneous (granitic/volcanic type) rocks. One piece of the puzzle is understanding the role of magma movement, and the associated flow of heat by convection, in a magma chamber, although whether large magma chambers even exist is a significant point of discussion in the igneous petrology community. Dr. Carlos Zambra and Dr. Luciano González recently published a paper funded through the Geoscience Research Institute that does some computer modeling of these processes for a selected granitic body in Peru.

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Is the Earth Special? Planetary Habitability and Genesis 1

At the time of the writing of this article the earth remains the only place in the universe where humans have been able to empirically detect life and its signatures. Why is it so? Is the earth special?

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Automatic Classification of Plutonic Rocks with Machine Learning Applied to Extracted Shades and Colors on iOS Devices

Machine learning is a powerful approach to automatic classification of rocks. A recent paper by Alférez et al., which includes GRI Scientist Dr. Ben Clausen among its authors, applies machine learning algorithms to extract color information from images of four categories of plutonic rocks, and for subsequent classification on mobile device applications.

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