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GRI presentations at the 2021 Global Campmeeting

If you missed the GRI presentations during the Campmeeting, here you have an opportunity to see them for the first time or to watch them again if you enjoyed them.

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Heavenly Fire - The Mystery of the Auroras

The Auroras (or Northern and Southern Lights) rank among the seven greatest natural wonders in the world. For millennia, they have captured the imaginations of anyone who has witnessed their ethereal beauty in the polar skies. Heavenly Fire: The Mystery of the Auroras is an unforgettable exploration of why these incredible light shows occur, and what they reveal about God.

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God Doesn't Make Junk

On a planet filled with living organisms that are wonderfully equipped to travel though water, one surprising creature stands out as the most efficient swimmer of them all—the jellyfish. This remarkable animal has no skeleton, blood or heart, yet it's designed to expend the least amount of energy as it journeys through the oceans of the world. The biological engineering involved has captivated scientists who seek to re-create its unexpected genius in the form of robotic locomotion.

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Chaos in Science

Science is most powerful when its limitations in understanding the complexity of nature are recognized. Newtonian physics has been a powerful tool for understanding nature for hundreds of years and is still an essential part of any physics class, but it has its limitations in understanding complex systems, so more is needed.

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Kindness? Or Set Them Straight?

How do we deal with persons who don’t believe that Genesis is right about creation and the flood?

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Why Are Fossils Important for Christians?

Fossils and the rocks in which they are contained are an excellent platform for discussing origins from a biblical perspective, especially in relation to the design and complexity of ancient life and the worldwide destruction caused by Noah’s Flood.

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Faith and Science Fundamentals

Register for a free new webinar series organized by Dr. Noemì Duràn, Director of the European GRI Branch Office

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The Jewels of Winter

Latest short film by The John 10:10 project illustrates the marvelous artistry displayed in snowflakes

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James M. Tour's Lecture at Andrews University Available on YouTube

On September 3, 2020, the Andrews University Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry invited Dr. James M. Tour for an online guest lecture on the origins of life. Watch Tour’s brilliant presentation on his YouTube channel.

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