For Kids

Creation Detectives: The Flooded Desert

A comic book narrating an adventurous journey of discovery based on real research.

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Adventures in Galapagos

Adventures in Galapagos, is an unprecedented video production that will help young students learn more about God's creation and earth history.

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Creation Lab

Experience different aspects of God's creation through this educational series of short videos for kids. Review each of the days of creation week to discover lessons in physics, chemistry, biology, and the Bible, through engaging experiments and illustrations.

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ByDesign Textbook Series

This faith-based science program for grades 1-8 is built on a foundation of inquiry that encourages wonderment, questioning, collaboration, and exploration of multiple resources to conduct research and investigations.

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ByDesign Biology: The Scientific Study of Life

A Christian-based high school biology program that considers two popular contrasting worldviews—materialistic Darwinism, which claims that life originated without divine intervention, and biblical theism, which is the belief in the existence of God.

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The Creation Case

The series of videos produced by Rich Aguilera at One Mustard Seed consists of 13 half-hour action/adventure episodes. In them, Doc M, Jacqui and Rich field tough Creation questions from people all over the world and then they investigate and report their findings.

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God, Science, Friends: And God's Love for You

In this book, Dr. Leonard Brand tells the entire story from creation through the plan of salvation—and he shares real, scientific evidence in stories that kids will enjoy and understand.

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Nature Honors

Honors are a core portion of the Pathfinder curriculum. This page lists all the Honor Resources related to various aspects of nature, with the requirements needed to earn them.

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