Useful Educational Websites

  1. Bible study sites where resources for in-depth Bible study can be found
  2. Resources provided by the North American Division Department of Education
  3. Origins Curriculum Resources, provided by Southern Adventist University
  4. College and University Dialogue, a magazine for university students and young professionals, available in a variety of languages
  5. Christ in the Classroom, a collection of papers, focusing on the integration of faith and learning from the biblical worldview, prepared by Christian scholars
  6. Earth History Research Center
  7. Creation Evolution Headlines, a collection of science news commentaries from a perspective critical of materialistic and evolutionary assumptions
  8. Creation Ministries International, of special interest
  9. Answers in Genesis, of special interest
  10. Creation Museums
  11. The John 10:10 Project: This website features a collection of short videos, often featuring aspects of nature, designed to encourage in the journey of faith.
  12. National Geologic Map Database (USGS): Site where topographic and geologic maps of the US can be found and often downloaded for free.
  13. NASA: Site where images of Earth and space, including features of geologic interest, can be found and often downloaded for free
  14. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
  15. Cell & Molecular Biology Online
  16. New York University, Library of 3-D Molecular structures