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Did the Wutach Gorge (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) Form Rapidly?

In Germany, the Wutach Gorge is called the "Grand Canyon of the Black Forest." Conventional geological models assume that the Wutach Gorge formed at the end of the Ice Age over a period of thousands of years. However, it is possible that the landscape-altering process of carving this large gorge could have been caused by catastrophic events, rather than occurring gradually.

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The New Evangelical Protology and Its Impact On Eschatology

Adam’s role and identity in the Genesis account, his use in the New Testament, and his theological function in major Christian doctrines have become the epicenter of the new discussion concerning human origins. The hermeneutical and theological dilemmas created by these new proposals are ground shaking when it comes to the assumed stance on origins and soteriology sustained by an increasing number of Evangelicals. Slowly but surely this paradigm shift among and within Evangelicals is affecting their understanding of Scripture, and of its authority and primacy in matters of doctrine. Article published in Reflections, n. 80, newsletter of the Biblical Research Institute.

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The Big Bang, Standard Cosmological Model, and the Bible

Do modern cosmological theories provide adequate answers regarding the origins of the universe? How do they relate to the biblical picture of the origin of our world? 

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More Than Mere Coincidence

Refined observations in the universe have, to some extent, encouraged scientists to admit that a large number of physical conditions in our universe must coincide for the existence of life. This unexpected view opens the door to the possibility that the universe might not just be a result of pure random processes, but that it has been carefully designed with the right conditions for life. 

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Believing the Unbelievable

The Bible does not treat natural explanation and divine intervention as mutually exclusive. Rather, it often blends these two kinds of explanations, portraying God as sovereign over nature and free to use His laws to accomplish His purposes.

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The Best Is Yet to Come

Spectacular astronomical images recently released by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) cause Christians to ponder the question of Numbers 23:23, “What hath God wrought!” (KJV). Our unique worldview gives us a pretty clear idea of why we are, how we came to be in this condition, and where we are going, but the JWST helps us better understand our place in the universe. It’s a grand place indeed!

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Searching For Life Beyond Our System

What are some of the ways in which astronomers seek to find an earthlike planet or one that could be inhabited?

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On the Origin of Life, Computer Code, and Brownies

Review by Arthur G. Schwarz of the book “The DNA Question: Where Does the Information Come From?"

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Origin and Development of Beaches

How are beaches originated? How long do they take to form?

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Is the Earth Special? Planetary Habitability and Genesis 1

At the time of the writing of this article the earth remains the only place in the universe where humans have been able to empirically detect life and its signatures. Why is it so? Is the earth special?

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Synthesizing Life in the Laboratory: Why is it not Happening?

Laboratory abiogenesis is one of the ultimate goals of experimental biology. The most formidable barrier to create living matter in the laboratory is not the complexity of the cell, rather the absolute requirement for non-equilibrium steady state for all chemical reactions. Current synthetic biology technologies cannot yet produce cells, which harbor chemical systems in non-equilibrium steady-states.

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Science and the Gospel: A Dialogue

Do science and theology undermine each other or support each other?

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Making Friends in the Scientific Community

One often hears of conflict between religion and science or that creationists are anti-science. This article rejects such mindsets and presents another perspective about looking for the good even in people we may disagree with.

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Natural Selection, Darwin, and the Biblical Worldview

What should a Christian’s view of natural selection be? Is it an invention? Is it nature’s great creative force? Is it good? Is it natural?

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The Origins Time Line

Historic moments in the conversation about beginnings

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How Adventists Became Creationists

Adventists and creation go together like jam and bread, but things were not always this way.

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Science and Faith

We need both to believe

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​Mind and Cosmos

Why am I conscious of my purpose?

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​A Toxic Legacy

Why creation care matters for Bible believers

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General Revelation and Adventist Theology

Nature and history acquire a grander perspective from the vantage point of the Bible, and Scripture becomes more colorful and alive with the help of natural revelation. Published on volume 26/2 of the Perspective Digest.

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