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Annotations from the Literature

A collection of short commentaries on scientific papers published in 1993-1994, covering such topics as parasite degeneration, convergence in diapsid reptiles, induced neoteny, genetic code, directed mutation in bacteria, radiohalos in a diamond, coelacanth phylogeny, marsupial phylogeny, origin of life, and fossil change in Jurassic rocks. Published in Origins v. 22, n. 1.

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A Christian Approach to Biology

The philosophical context in which biology is presented can make an important difference in its meaning for the student. The philosophical worldview of the biblical Christian is quite different from that of the non-Christian; thus, the biology teacher may have a profound influence on the development of worldview by the student.

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Fewer Answers Than Questions

A review of the book, Rates of Evolution. Published from a symposium on evolution. Published in Origins v. 16, n. 2.

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Debunking Darwin

A review of the book, Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth. Written by a developmental biologist emphasizing the inadequacy of Darwinian evolutionary theory and advocating the importance of developmental processes in evolution. Published in Origins v. 16, n. 1.

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A Creationist View of Chromosome Banding and Evolution

Staining of chromosomes reveals a pattern of banding that may be used for comparisons of different species. Similar species typically have similar banding patterns, although there are exceptions. Banding patterns may be interpreted as hypotheses of relationship but are not, in themselves, sufficient to settle such questions. Published in Origins v. 13, n. 1.

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Introns: New Complexity in the Synthesis of Higher Organism RNA

Portions of the DNA information are not present in mRNA transcribed from the DNA, in plants and animals, as opposed to bacteria. The DNA sequences that are missing in the m-RNA are called introns, and seem to be widespread. Published in Origins v. 5, n. 1.

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