Creation Convention II

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by R. H. Brown
Geoscience Research Institute

The second Creation Convention, held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 18-21, 1974, drew participants from as far away as Alaska, England, Netherlands, and West Germany. Over 425 individuals were registered, some 350 of which attended the Convention banquet.

Activities of the convention centered around the theme “A Challenge to Education.” Throughout the morning and afternoon sessions three distinct programs were conducted concurrently — technical presentations related to the validity of Scripture testimony regarding origins, popular- level essays on creation science, and workshops on creation witness.

The convention also featured three large displays of literature related to creationism, an exhibit of work that is being done to secure an academically and constitutionally fair treatment of origins in the public schools, a continuous showing of films and filmstrips on creationism and related topics, and a computer terminal that analyzed various models for interpreting carbon-14 dates.

At the close of this Milwaukee meeting, it was announced that plans are beginning to be developed for sponsorship of a third Creation Convention in 1976, probably in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with smaller interim conventions for the Seattle, Washington, area in 1975 and the New York area in 1977.

A report of the first Creation Convention held two years earlier is given in Origins 1:35-36. Each of these conventions was sponsored by the East Wisconsin chapter of the Bible-Science Association.