Why a Publication on Origins?

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Editorial by Ariel A. Roth
Geoscience Research Institute

Another new journal? Why? The presentation of a new publication can evoke a multitude of reactions ranging from admiration to disdain. It may raise questions regarding purpose, philosophy and usefulness. It can create a degree of suspicion which may be mingled with the fear that man's already vast fund of information is being recast into a different but biased mold. Why add to the confusion?

The purpose of this publication is of much greater significance than the important reactions suggested above. Our attempts here arise from several deep-seated concerns — concerns for a correct knowledge of God, concerns for truth, concerns for humanity, concerns that man may be making very wrong decisions because of misinformation. More about this later.

Let me introduce this periodical as a publication of the Geoscience Research Institute, an Institute established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church to study the matter of origins. The periodical is designed mainly for the Seventh-day Adventist educator, especially the science educator. He, more than most other individuals, must face in his classroom and elsewhere the question of origins. His responsibility to students who study strongly conflicting philosophies regarding the past is great. This periodical is an attempt to help him by giving information about recent developments in this area of study. These developments may be scientific, cultural, political and philosophical. The journal addresses itself to various levels of educators from the elementary to the university level. Such a broad spectrum of readers has the disadvantage of requiring presentation at various levels. We hope our readers will be understanding here.

We mentioned above that our reason for publishing was because of certain deep concerns we have. One of these concerns is for truth. We want the Seventh-day Adventist youth to have the most correct information that is available. To obtain this information a thorough and broad approach is necessary, for we must not limit our search for truth to only one traditional segment of information. To do so is unnecessarily restrictive and may introduce biases that could be avoided. As an example we would have more confidence in a conclusion regarding origins which is based on science, history and revelation combined than one based on history alone. While this type of broad approach in this age of specialization is not traditional we feel it is essential and academically superior. One of the purposes of this periodical is to approach truth from this broader perspective. More information is better than less.

A second and related area of concern is for man's image of God. The matter of origins and past history as it relates to God's revelation is particularly significant here. Modern science claims significant differences when compared to revelation. The implications can be serious. For instance, a God who would create by a process of evolution does not appear to be the powerful, personal and compassionate God described in the Bible. Man's response to these two types of Gods will be quite different. We suspect that man's concept of God and his relation to his fellow men are related. Our concern extends from here to the debauched condition of humanity. As we look at the evil prevalent around us we know something is wrong. We think that a proper concept of God will help here. It should also help man to relate better to his Creator and thus bring some peace to his troubled soul.

In summary we can say that our earnest desire in publishing this journal is to give a correct view of the Creator. This we propose to do by a careful study of His creation as well as His revelation. This is information that is very much needed by man today.