The Call of the Cosmos

59 minutes; October, 2018. Illustra Media.

This film presents striking features of the universe, a variety of scientific marvels, and personal stories in vivid videography. The Call of the Cosmos is the latest film produced by Illustra Media, which specializes in intelligent design movies. Previous Illustra Media productions have included Origin, Living Waters, Flight, Metamorphosis, and other nature documentaries. Each of the films presents abundant evidence of design in nature.

The Call of the Cosmos features voices ranging from King David’s poetic observations recorded in the Psalms to Robert Jastrow, the well-known agnostic astronomer, who wrestles with the implications of what he and others discovered during his time at NASA, the Mt. Wilson Observatory, and Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

“There is so much that I enjoy about The Call of the Cosmos,” said Geoscience Research Institute senior scientist Timothy Standish, who worked as a scientific consultant on the film. “But I am particularly struck by the unity of opinion expressed by people with wide-ranging beliefs. From agnostics to Catholics to Protestant Christians, reasonable people can all agree that the current scientific understanding of our universe is strong evidence for a Creator. In addition, the world, along with the rest of the universe, is a masterpiece.”

To watch a trailer of The Call of the Cosmos and order the DVD visit the Illustra Media website.