Ripply Sandstone

Sand grains transported by underwater currents can get arranged in bedforms such as ripples and dunes.  

Dr. Ronny Nalin, of the Geoscience Research Institute of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, is investigating sandstone layers deposited subaqueously that extend laterally for tens of kilometers. Learn more about his work on processes of sediment transport and deposition and why it matters for a biblical perspective of earth history, through the links below.

Meet the Scientist

Learn more about Dr. Nalin's research interests

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The Study Area

The sandstone beds under investigation are found in the western US (Utah and Arizona), and are part of the Moenkopi Formation, which forms the Chocolate Cliffs of the Grand Staircase. Learn more about the Grand Staircase in this article

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Preliminary Results

Read the preliminary results of the study of some of the sandstone beds of the Moenkopi Formation, by Dr. Nalin and his collaborators, presented at a scientific meeting

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Widespread Layers

Learn more from this article about the significance of widespread layers in the rock record, within a biblical perspective

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Widespread Deposits: Video

This short, 1-minute video remarks the significance of widespread sedimentary deposits

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