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Re: Aardsma: LETTER TO THE EDITOR (Origins 18:6-7)

A typographical error appeared in my letter, which may cause some readers some confusion. The number “7500” should have been “5700.” The sentence containing this difficulty should read as follows:

The C-14 age of the first growth ring of this tree is roughly 5700 B.P.,

while that of its final growth ring is roughly 6150 B.P.

The mistaken number (7500) leads to the perplexity of how there could be only 580 rings in 1350 radiocarbon years.

I appreciated Dr. Brown’s response to my letter, but was disappointed in its lack of documentation regarding his thoughts on Jericho. Though I have read extensively about the excavation at Jericho (because of the prominent place it holds in establishing a proper date for the Exodus and Conquest), I have never come across anything to what Dr. Brown is suggesting. I join with Dr. Brown in hoping that a competent archaeologist will discuss this matter in Origins in the future.

Gerald E. Aardsma
Coordinator of Research Institute for Creation Research
Santee, California