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Ariel A. Roth

To the readers:

In the absence of substantial discussion letters for this issue of ORIGINS I shall take this opportunity to communicate to the readers in a less formal way than editorials allow.

We receive many compliments, and some complaints, about ORIGINS. Most compliments are about the high standards of scholarship we try to maintain, a good format, significant articles, and the balance of presentation. Criticisms are about the lack of balance of presentation and most frequently about the difficulty and technicality of some of the writing. A number would desire a more frequent publication.

We have tried to alleviate the problem of the technicality of the articles by introducing the section “IN A FEW WORDS” which gives a simplified summary at the beginning of the main presentations. We would urge the reader to make use of this section. We feel that it is important to maintain high scholarship standards which unfortunately entails complexity because we are often dealing with complex and controversial areas that deserve very careful study. The issue of origins has profound significance for man. His concepts of truth, his future and destiny are often based on what he can glean about his origin. Hence the importance of the question.

We are dedicated to an outstanding publication, but we need your help. Our greatest need is for good manuscripts in the form of articles, reviews of the literature, letters, general science notes, news, etc. It does take time to study out a question carefully, but the importance of the issue at stake is great enough to deserve it — and you will find your contribution rewarding. We also might be able to publish more frequently if we had more manuscripts.

Yours for a better ORIGINS