Research Fellowship Program

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by R. H. Brown
Geoscience Research Institute

The Geoscience Research Institute Board of Trustees has designated ten scientists as Fellows of the Institute. These fellowships are the first to be awarded under the Institute’s new sponsored research program. The purpose of this program is to secure greater and more coordinated involve- ment of scientific capabilities in work that will strengthen witness for Biblical testimony concerning the physical history of planet Earth and the life it supports. Each fellowship carries financial assistance for expense involved in a research project approved by a scientific evaluation committee and the Institute Board.

Seven of the fellowship recipients are associated with Loma Linda University: Dr. Leonard Brand for literature search, field study and laboratory model investigation of fossil vertebrate tracks; Drs. Arthur Chadwick and Berney Neufeld for investigation of evidence for penecontemporaneous origin and erosion of the paleozoic sediments of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.; Dr. Ivan Holmes on the La Sierra campus for x-ray investigation of the mineral composition of the volcanic and “organic” layers of the Yellowstone Fossil Forests; Phillip DeBord and Lanny Fisk for laboratory investigation of Yellowstone Fossil Forest palynology; and {another} for preliminary field investigation of possibilities for research on the formation and paleoecology of fossil fishes in the Green River Formation, S.W. Wyoming.

Dr. Ross Barnes of Walla Walla College was awarded a fellowship for preliminary investigation of possibilities for research on Earth’s carbon exchange system in relation to a flood model. Dr. Dexter Beary of Southwestern Union College has an award for a field study of fossil animal tracks in the Paluxy River bed near Glen Rose, Texas. Dr. Herbert Sorensen of Portland, Oregon, as an Institute Fellow is investigating the dendro- chronology of the Yellowstone Fossil Forests with the aid of electronic computer techniques.

The Fellowship Program of the Geoscience Research Institute provides sponsorship for research projects in areas of earth science, life science, and prehistory that have the potential of helping build creation theory, of verifying inspired testimony, and of strengthening the gospel witness to scientifically informed individuals. The program provides for assistance with the costs of conceptual development, literature search, laboratory investigation, or field studies.

Individuals who have suggestions or questions concerning fellowship projects are invited to write the Director, Geoscience Research Institute, Box 161, Berrien Springs, MI 49104.