Bible-Science Association Meets in Milwaukee

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Frank L. Marsh

The first large, public creationist convention ever held in the United States convened in the Holiday Inn Central in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 10-13, 1972. The object of this gathering was to strengthen belief in the Genesis account of creation through scientific disciplines.

The convention was sponsored by the East Wisconsin Chapter of the Bible-Science Association (Lutheran-Missouri Synod). This chapter consists of a group of believers in special creation from many different scientific organizations, schools and churches. Through the careful planning of Paul Freeman, Andrews University alumnus chemist, and that of his fellow officers, and with the enthusiastic and complete backing of Rev. Walter Lang, executive director of the Bible-Science Association, a most interesting group of over 400 Protestants, Catholics and Jews came together and participated freely in lively, open discussion.

With the help of the Bible-Science officers, the following seventeen persons, well-known in creationist literature, were successfully assembled: A. Anderson, C. Burdick, D. Chittick, B. Davidheiser, D. Dean, J. Klotz, W. Lammerts, W. Lang, F. Marsh, J. Moore, H. Morris, G. Mulfinger, W. Rusch, K. Segraves, A. Tilney, W. Tinkle, and J. Whitcomb.

Various topics included thermodynamics, the Genesis flood, the virgin birth, scientific accuracy of the Scriptures, origin of human speech, chromosome and mutation tests of ethnic history, need for the teaching of creation in public schools, history of evolution, the scientific method, our degenerating universe, the geologic column, radioactive dating, creation — a challenge for youth, early man, the Genesis kinds in our modern world, mutations, and the fossil evidence.

A. G. Tilney, who came from England for the convention, is the honorable secretary of the British Evolution Protest Movement which has chapters around the world.

An amazing amount of creationist literature was displayed at this convention and was purchased quite readily. Among the books selected and displayed by the Bible-Science Association were Harold W. Clark’s Wonders of Creation and Fossils, Flood, and Fire; and Frank L. Marsh’s Life, Man, and Time and Evolution or Special Creation?

Before the convention each speaker prepared a 20-page essay on his assigned topic, then at the convention presented a broadened abstract of this material. Each presentation was followed by a lively discussion period well-managed by Reverend Lang. The seventeen complete essays were published in a 96-page brochure entitled A Challenge to Education and furnished to each registrant at the convention. This brochure is available at $5 each from the Bible-Science Association, Inc., Box 1016, Caldwell, Idaho 83605.

A changing attitude toward the doctrine of special creation was manifested in a favorable session between scientists and representatives of the press, and likewise in the friendly and objective accounts of these reporters in the local papers.

A unique feature of the gathering was the repeated sessions of scientists with lawyers who were arming themselves with creationist information for forth-coming court cases. More and more, parents with children in public schools are preparing to sue their states because only the viewpoint of evolution is taught. All such activity serves as an indicator of the rapidly widening interest in special creation across our country.