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Lessons from a Geode

This brief illustration, shared with children at Loma Linda University Church, uses a geode from one of the displays in the GRI building to convey a simple but powerful message.

Merry Christmas from the Moon

On Dec. 24, 1968, Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders--the crew of Apollo 8--orbited the moon for the first time. During their tenth and final orbit they broadcast an unforgettable message to…

Creation Sabbath - The Stop

Why have Creation Sabbath? Why have a Sabbath at all? Stop, watch and listen as Pr. Aias Cabaça explains in just 3:00 minutes! A version of this video narrated in Spanish is available at https://vimeo.com/297118628

The Heart of the Universe - English audio - Multiple language subtitles

What beats at the heart of the universe? To find out, we have to start in the beginning. It is there that we find answers that make sense of our current world and provide hope for the future. This video…

The Hole-English

"The Hole" is a beautiful film narrated by Alvin Chea, bass singer in the Grammy Award winning group Take Six. It illustrates the Gospel using the creation to help us understand what it means to be "born…

The Hole - English with captions

This captioned version of "The Hole" has been produced especially for those who are hearing impaired, but may also be useful for anyone who would prefer to watch with captions available. "The Hole" is…