2001 – Number 51

    Rivers out of Eden

    Four rivers are described in Genesis as flowing out of Eden. These rivers are unusual in that the diverge from each other rather than converging as modern rivers do. The explanation may be that they were designed to function in watering the earth, much as canals do today. Published in Origins n. 51.

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    Carbon-14 Content of Fossil Carbon

    This article reviews the theoretical basis for expecting the presence of carbon-14 in Pliocene to Cambrian carbon from certain creationist viewpoints, and for expecting its absence from a viewpoint proposing a long age of life on Earth. Published in Origins n. 51.

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    Annotations from the Literature

    A collection of short commentaries on scientific papers published in 1998, 1999, covering topics such as developmental genes in sea urchins, dinosaur lungs, Archaeopteryx bones, Darwin's finches, parallel evolution, evolutionism, variation in bacteria, genetic load, human origins, Neanderthal DNA, molecular evolution, origin of life, biogeography of Madagascar, fossil record, problems in phylogeny of microbes and whales. Published in Origins n. 51.

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    Can Science Refute Design?

    Literature Review

    A review of Summer for the Gods. Published in Origins n. 51.

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    Geological Society of America Meeting

    A report of the 2000 meeting of the Geological Society of America in Reno, Nevada. Published in Origins n. 51.

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