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Re: Roth: WHERE HAS THE SCIENCE GONE? (Origins 10:48-49)

As the new editor of JASA [Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation] I was interested in reading the issues of Origins. When I read your Editorial, I just had to drop you a note of appreciation.

I am neither a recent creationist nor a theistic evolutionist, and as a Christian biologist in a state university I have essentially taken a “plague on both your houses” position and emphasized the wide spectrum of options available to Bible-believing Christians. Therefore, I was pleased with the balanced moderation of your editorial. There has been, and unfortunately continues to be, too much “unwarranted criticism and even depreciation of character,” and unfortunately, with that attitude “We cannot learn from each other.” I too have been upset by the blatant unfairness of presentations of the issue by both evolutionists (geologists, biologists, astronomers, etc.) and by creationists. Your editorial is a bit like a voice crying in the wilderness, but keep it up.

Wilbur L. Bullock
Editor, JASA
Durham, New Hampshire

I would like to offer my compliments on your outstanding editorial in the latest issue (Vol. 10, No. 2) of Origins, which just arrived on my desk today. I can’t conceive of any real progress being made in the tremendously difficult area of origins in an atmosphere such as you describe. I had no idea things were so bad. I hope your plea is widely read, for it surely is an eloquent appeal for the kind of sanity needed just now.

Harold Jones
Professor of Mathematics Andrews University Berrien Springs, Michigan

As a long-time subscriber to Origins, I have appreciated the useful articles which have appeared over the years. Your recent Editorial expresses many of my own concerns, and I thank you for it.

David J. Tyler
Lecturer at Manchester Polytechnic Cheshire, England