Arguments to Avoid

Several invalid arguments have been attributed to creationists, and should be avoided. Lists of such invalid arguments can be found at various creationist websites, including the following:

We applaud efforts to improve the arguments used by creationists, and provide the following list of invalid arguments to help in this process.

Invalid arguments pertaining to the age of the earth

  • There is scientific evidence that the speed of light has changed over time
  • Light patterns were created throughout space, suggesting events that never happened
  • Missing solar neutrinos indicate a young sun
  • Low amount of moon dust indicates a young moon
  • There is scientific evidence for a major change in the rate of radioisotope decay at the Flood

Invalid arguments pertaining to Biblical texts or teaching

  • Division of the earth in Peleg’s day refers to plate tectonics
  • NASA has found evidence of Joshua’s long day and Hezekiah’s extended day
  • The Bible teaches that the earth is the center of the universe
  • The gospel message is revealed in the pattern of the stars
  • The cross-shaped molecule, laminin, is a special sign of creation
  • The Bible contains numerous hidden references to current scientific discoveries

Invalid arguments pertaining to the Flood

  • The Flood was caused by collapse of an upper atmospheric canopy of water vapor
  • The earth’s axis was vertical before the Flood
  • Frozen woolly mammoths indicate an instant freeze soon after the Flood
  • Noah’s ark has been discovered
  • Plesiosaurs, and some dinosaurs may have survived the Flood and have been found in remote places
  • Human and dinosaur footprints are found together in the Paluxy River
  • Gold chains, hammers, and other artifacts found in coal or other rocks are evidence of pre-Flood technology
  • Giant pre-Flood human fossils have been discovered but the information has been repressed

Invalid arguments pertaining to biological change

  • The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is the result of the Fall
  • No beneficial mutations ever occur
  • Natural selection does not occur
  • No new biological species have been produced
  • A theory is the same as a hypothesis, so evolution can be dismissed as a mere theory
  • There are no fossils with intermediate features that could be interpreted as evolutionary links
  • Archaeopteryx is a made-up fossil, and not a real creature
  • If we evolved from apes, there should not be any apes remaining
  • Women have one more rib than men
  • The term “microevolution” accurately describes the biological changes creationists accept, while the term “macroevolution” accurately describes what creationists reject of biological change
  • Darwin changed his mind on his deathbed