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I appreciated the analysis of the literary structure of the two accounts of creation, but I was disappointed that Dr. Shea did not deal with the problem of the different order of events in the two accounts.

Genesis 1:24-27 apparently has man and woman created after the animals, for it describes the creation of animals and says, “then God said, let us make man ... male and female created he them” (Revised Standard Version). In the second account, Genesis 2:7, 18-20, the animals are created after man, as we are told that God recognizes man’s need for companionship, so He creates the animals, but not finding a suitable helper, woman is then created. It seems, therefore, that we have in chronological order:


Since we otherwise attach so much importance to the order of events of creation as evidenced by children’s Bible lessons and by the struggle over reconciling Genesis 1:3 and Genesis 1:14-18, it seems that the apparent discrepancy of order of events in chapter 1 and 2 needs explanation. My Bible commentary confirms the order of events, but does not seem to recognize the discrepancy. Perhaps Dr. Shea would be willing to respond to this question in a future issue.

Milo V. Anderson, Chairman
Department of Physics and Computer Science Pacific Union College
Angwin, California