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Origins fulfils a need

Last evening I read the first issue of Origins. I would express enthusiastic response to the entire effort and more particularly the two articles, one by Dr. Neufeld entitled “Towards the Development of a General Theory of Creation” which I found profoundly satisfying to me, and for Dr. Clausen’s article “Rationalism, Empiricism and Christianism as Philosophical Systems for Arriving at Truth.”

The whole endeavor smacks of careful thought and I want to commend you men for doing it. It’s about time something like this is produced. Please keep me on the mailing list or subscription list, whichever. I don’t want to miss an issue.

William Loveless
University Church
Loma Linda, California

Congratulations! You have done an excellent job. It is high time that something of this kind was started. I am very happy to see it.

I am particularly pleased with the general attitude of the articles toward creation problems. There seems to be an honest effort to orient scientific discoveries with a Biblical viewpoint. It looks as if Geoscience is taking a new lease on life.

Please give my sincere respects to all of your men who have been so active in working on some of the perplexing questions. If science had taken this positive approach for the past 150 years instead of following the impossible doctrine of uniformitarianism, we might have had a real creationist science by now.

Harold W. Clark
Life Origins Foundation, Inc.
Calistoga, California

Congratulations! I just received the first number of Volume 1 of your magazine, Origins. I’ve been waiting a long time for this and I’m really enthusiastic. When I received my mail this morning, Origins was there, and even though I have not had an opportunity to read all the articles, I have read a number of them. If the rest are equivalent to the sampling which I have done, this is one of the greatest contributions that ever could be made to creationism.

Samuel V. Gramlich, Jr.
Educational Secretary,
Nebraska Conference
Lincoln, Nebraska

I applaud the new publication ORIGINS. I would like to be kept on the mailing list and if there is a subscription price, kindly inform me. Although I have spent the last seven years as dean, I have managed to continue to teach the philosophy course — it helps me keep in touch. Best wishes to you in this new venture.

Neil W. Rowland
Union College
Lincoln, Nebraska

Re: Chadwick and Brand: FOSSIL TREE ORIENTATION IN THE CHINLE FORMATION (Origins 1:22-28).

I would expect many logs to settle in positions contrary to the main line of flow. After all, the water has to stop flowing sometime, and in any location it would seem to me that logs showing both general flow and settling or stagnation period would be found.

Walter Lammerts
Creation Research Society
Freedom, California