God, Science, Friends: And God's Love for You

Why didn’t God stop Satan from the beginning? If God created the Earth to be perfect, why did it go wrong? Did dinosaurs really exist? And can they fit into the Biblical story of creation? How can the Bible know more than the scientists? What is a soul? Does God really love all people? Even the bad ones? Do the Ten Commandments just ruin our fun?

These are just some of the questions discussed in Dr. Leonard Brand’s book God, Science, Friends.

The book follows two kids, Jane and Carson, and some of their friends through meaningful discussions with knowledgeable adults, like their Uncle Leonard- a paleontologist. Through real-life events and relatable childhood experiences, important Biblical truths are explained and illustrated in a way that seekers of any age can understand. Dr. Brand draws on his knowledge and experience as a researcher, biologist and paleontologist to address common questions about creation, evolution and the flood. 

Over glasses of lemonade and plates of cherry pie, the reader is invited to share in Jane and Carson’s discovery of God, the Gospel, and the world. This book provides the opportunity to find straightforward answers to questions you have always wanted to ask and a springboard to launch family discussions and personal research.

So, as Uncle Leonard asks, “Would you like to come over for a while? I have a story to tell you.” Although, you will have to provide the lemonade and cherry pie yourself.

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