Dinosaur Footprints

Footprints preserved in rock layers are one kind of evidence attesting to the fact that dinosaurs once roamed the earth.

Dr. Raul Esperante, of the Geoscience Research Institute of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, is actively engaged in research on dinosaur footprints. Learn more about his work and why it matters for a biblical perspective of earth history, through the links below.

Meet the Scientist

Learn about Dr. Esperante's research interests

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The Study Area

A photo gallery with images from the study site, in Bolivia

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Networking With the Local Community

Learn more about how this research project is positively impacting the local community

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Dinosaurs: Video Interview

Learn more about dinosaurs in this video interview with Dr. Esperante

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Dinosaurs and the Bible

In this article, Dr Esperante provides a general overview of how dinosaurs fit within a biblical perspective

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In The News

Dr. Esperante's research has been mentioned by important public news outlets

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Scientific Publications

Have a look at an example of peer-reviewed paper originating from this research project

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