Design and Catastrophe: 51 Scientists Explore Evidence in Nature

Jim Gibson, Ronny Nalin, Humberto Rasi (Editors). 2021. Andrews University Press. ISBN-13: 978-1940980300

From the backcover:



Two simple but very strong words.

In this unique book, 51 professional scientists, men and women of faith from a wide range of disciplines, provide short essays in their respective areas of expertise demonstrating some aspect of the design:catastrophe paradigm. Though written by experts, the essays are easily accessible to non-specialists, making this book extremely useful in the college and seminary classroom, and for the life-long learner.

Design and Catastrophe does not attempt to prove the veracity of the biblical account of origins and a global Flood as recorded in the book of Genesis. Rather, in these 51 essays, it richly samples the overwhelming evidence of design and catastrophe in the world around us. In so doing, it invites us to look to the Scriptures for an explanation that provides meaning and purpose for our lives and what we discover in nature."

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