Seeking Understanding

Scientists spend their lives studying nature, but what does this tell them about where everything came from? Does nature really appear to have made itself? Or does it look like a product of genius? Is…

Design in the Galapagos Islands

What do giant tortoises, tree-sized daisies, marine lizards and inconspicuous finches have in common? All can be found on the Galapagos Islands and all exhibit the beauty of God’s creation. At the same…

Clash of Ideas

Is it true that our worldview influences the way we interpret data from the natural world? Is it also possible that observations from the natural world trigger revolutions in thinking? Exploring sites…

Thinking Creation

All rational people have thought about what happened in the beginning, but not everyone has come to the same conclusion. Thinking Creation is a video series designed to serve as the beginning of a conversation…

Biology and Design

These videos feature aspects of design, complexity, and diversity both from living and fossil organisms.


Rocks can tell a fascinating story of time and processes. These videos explore aspects of the rock record, with a special emphasis on catastrophism.


These videos explore aspects of interest of specific fossils, important paleontological locations, and patterns in the fossil record.


Our world is much more than a record of past history. The creation is full of opportunities to learn about our Creator and His love for us. These videos are meant to encourage and engender reflection in…

Social Media Clips

These short videos are intended for sharing on social media platforms and address aspects of the creation in a way that is concise but engaging.

GRI Activities

Clips of events and initiatives involving GRI staff members

Faith, Reason, and Earth History

Faith, Reason, and Earth History is a book written by Dr. Leonard Brand of Loma Linda University and Dr. Arthur Chadwick of Southwestern Adventist University. This book can be downloaded for free at: These…

SPD Faith and Science Conference, 2019

This conference, held on the campus of Avondale University College, Australia, was the first of a series of 3 events exploring the intersection of faith and science. For more information on this and future…