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Seeking Understanding: Martin Klingbeil

For Martin Klingbeil, the Berlin Wall was an immovable landmark that permanently separated him from neighbors in the same city. When the wall fell and Germany was reunited, history unfolded before his eyes leading to a life-long fascination with history and what we can know about the people and events of the past. But history can be challenging, particularly to a Bible-believer. On the one hand, the physical evidence left in history's wake can make the Bible come alive, but what about events recorded in detail for which physical evidence has not been found in the present? Do dramatic stories like the slaying of Goliath by a boy named David wielding a sling really sound credible in the current age? And what happens when the academic consensus swings against the very existence of towering figures like King David in Scripture? Dr. Klingbeil addresses these questions and others in this fascinating episode of the Seeking Understanding series, which was filmed in Switzerland, South Africa, Israel and the United States.