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Seeking Understanding: Michael Hasel

Seven centuries before Christ was born, the Kingdom of Judah was torn apart by Assyrian invaders. What can the remarkable record of these events found in the palace of King Sennacherib tell us about how this history unfolded? What are archaeologists finding today that provides us with even more information? And what about the record of this history in the Bible? How reliable is it and what does it tell us about the God worshiped by those living in Judah then and by people living around the world today? Learn answers to these questions from Michael Hasel, Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology at Southern Adventist University, Director of the Institute of Archaeology, Curator of The Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum and Co-Director of The Fourth Expedition to Lachish. What has challenged and changed his understanding as he confronts the fascinating evidence he deals with as an archaeologist? What has the research done by him and other archaeologists revealed about the biblical record of history? If you are interested in more technical information about the archaeology of Lachish, a major preliminary report can be found in the July 2021 issue of the American Journal of Archaeology at: https://www.ajaonline.org/field-report/4326.