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On the Trail of Dinosaurs: Dr. Raúl Esperante

In this educational video, paleontologist Raul Esperante teaches how to identify and classify dinosaur tracks. Although dinosaurs are no longer with us, they left many clues that allow us to discover what they were like and how they lived. Dr. Esperante studies dinosaur footprints all over the world and in this program he visits various sites found in Spain; in the provinces of La Rioja, Burgos and Soria. Here there are footprints of sauropod, ornithopod and theropod dinosaurs, which you will learn to distinguish by paying attention to details such as the shape, proportions and number of digits on each limb. You'll also discover that the type of substrate dinosaurs walked on influences the shape of the tracks, and how paleontologists use tracks to learn important behavioral features of these fascinating animals. To view the Spanish version of this video, visit: https://www.grisda.org/audio-visual-media?album=10146315&video=792737472