Educational Posters

Large format posters detailing the creation week, the geological column, fossils, and more.

Clicking on any of those posters will begin their download to your device. They are formatted to be printed as large as 24" x 36" and are in pdf format. These posters may be freely downloaded and used, as long as they are distributed without charge and the “Geoscience Research Institute” is acknowledged as the author. The Geoscience Research Institute retains the copyright and prohibits all commercial use unless written permission is first obtained.

Be aware, the files are fairly large and may take some time to download.

Creation Day 1

Discusses the properties of light that contribute to make our planet habitable

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Creation Day 2

What are the properties of the earth's atmosphere that make it just right to sustain life?

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Creation Day 3

Explains how the composition of the crust, properties of water, and metabolism of plants contribute to support life on earth

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Creation Day 4

Looks at the moon and tides and their effects on life

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Creation Day 5

Illustrates some examples of ingenuous functional design and cooperation in marine organisms and birds

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Creation Day 6

Illustrates complex and functional systems in terrestrial organisms and addresses the uniqueness of humans

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Creation Day 7

Reflects on the day of rest and on the character of the Creator

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Illustrates the main types of fossils and their process of formation

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Geological Column

Explains the principle of superposition, the ordered distribution of fossils, the main subdivisions of the geologic column, and the concept of gaps and paraconformities

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Numbers in Nature

Shows some examples of biological and human designs built around mathematical patterns such as the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio.

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A summary of information about dinosaurs that can be gained from the study of the fossil record, including types, size, diet, habitats, and locomotion

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