Creation Sabbath 2019 Film Contest

Here’s the bottom line—there is nothing more interesting, nothing that impacts our understanding of reality more than the creation. That’s why we have Creation Sabbath. There is no medium that has more impact today than film, we want to put Creation Sabbath and film together. We are looking for an amazing and original short film (less than 5 minutes) about the biblical record of creation and we are willing to pay money for it. How original do we want the 2019 Creation Sabbath film to be? Well, if you think of most of the creation films that have been produced to date, that’s not what we want. There is so much more to explore, so many possibilities because our understanding of creation impacts our whole understanding of reality. If you think people are equal, that is grounded in your understanding of where humans came from and, thus, human nature. If you think living species are valuable, that is grounded in your understanding of where species came from. If you think life has meaning and purpose, that is informed by where you think life came from. We want a film that is new, that cuts through the noise, a film that get’s the message out that Jesus Christ is our Creator and Redeemer. If you look at the First Angel’s message, it has creation at its core and this Everlasting Gospel is going to be spread with a LOUD voice. We’re working on the final details, but they will be nailed down soon and we will post the official rules once the lawyers have looked them over. In the meantime, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions and feel free to write with questions to:   Here’s the vital information:
  • First prize - $ 5,000.00 AND up to $ 5,000.00 more invested to make your film even better
  • Second prize - $ 2,000.00
  • Third prize - $ 1,000.00
  • Length – Less than 5 minutes
Stay posted for more information as it becomes available. Here are links to some other creation films. Some of them are great, but they all give an idea of what we want something different and better than:   Do you know of other great short films about creation? Sent us some suggestions to add to this list: Creation Sabbath is a regularly scheduled “special day” on the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Calendar of Special Days: For more information about Creation Sabbath, visit: