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FREH 1-1

What attitudes will foster constructive dialogue on the controversial subject of origins? This is the introductory video to a series of short films featuring Dr. Brand explaining some of the key points…

FREH 1-2

What are the two principal explanations for origins?

FREH 1-3

Can science answer all of our questions?

FREH 1-4

What does science do best? Does science have limits?

FREH 2-1

Why do scientists sometimes misinterpret their scientific evidence?

FREH 2-2

Why is it important to think and evaluate what we read or hear?

FREH 2-3

What could prevent scientists from being objective and unbiased?

FREH 3-1

If we understand the history of science, will this help us understand scientific theories?

FREH 4-1

How have philosophers of science helped us improve our understanding of science and scientists?

FREH 5-1

Is there an understandable reason why scientists, in previous centuries, moved away from belief in a Creator?

FREH 5-2

Is there a realistic alternative to naturalism’s rejection of a Creator God?

FREH 5-3

In study of ancient history (origins, which we cannot observe), can the role of science and naturalism differ from their role in study of processes that we can observe today?

FREH 5-4

Can scientists be productive in the study of the fossil record even when they do not use the presuppositions of methodological naturalism?

FREH 6-1

What is a worldview, and why is it important which worldview we choose?

FREH 6-2

Is there evidence to support the idea that God communicated knowledge to prophets?

FREH 6-3

Is there evidence that supports the reliability of the Bible?

FREH 6-4

Is there a way that the Bible can actually improve our understanding of science?

FREH 7-1

Are microevolution and macroevolution really the same process, or are they different?

FREH 7-2

If there was no Creator, what would have to happen for life to begin? This video is part of a series of short films featuring Dr. Brand explaining some of the key points made in the book Faith Reason and…

FREH 7-3

Is there any similarity between the intelligent input of information in a written sentence, and the biological instructions for making the parts of a living cell?