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Celebrating Creation Sabbath

English - Finding Rest - Creation Sabbath 2019

“Finding Rest” is the 2019 Creation Sabbath film. This beautiful two minute video reveals the unique True God of the Bible. False gods require humans to work to achieve their aims and earn their favor,…

2019 Creation Sabbath - It's no ordinary Sabbath

Creation Sabbath is celebrated on the 4th Sabbath of every October. This special day is specifically set aside for Bible-believers to enjoy the beauty of creation, fellowship in the knowledge that we are…

Creation Sabbath - The Stop

Why have Creation Sabbath? Why have a Sabbath at all? Stop, watch and listen as Pr. Aias Cabaça explains in just 3:00 minutes! A version of this video narrated in Spanish is available at

The Heart of the Universe - English audio - Multiple language subtitles

What beats at the heart of the universe? To find out, we have to start in the beginning. It is there that we find answers that make sense of our current world and provide hope for the future. This video…