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Chromosomal Changes in Mammalian Speciation: A Literature Review

Species in the same family or genus may have very similar chromosomal banding patterns, but with apparent rearrangements of parts of some chromsomes. Such rearrangements may contribute to speciation in mammals by interfering with meoisis. Published in Origins v. 11, n. 2.

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Can Evolutionists Rescue This One?

Review of the article, Biologists, Help! An appeal by a secular scholar for evolutionists to explain why so many fundamental suppositions of evolutionary theory are so poorly supported by the data. Published in Origins v. 5, n. 2.

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A God of the Gaps?

A review of the book, Puncuated Equilibria: The Tempo and Mode of Evolution Reconsidered. The new theory of punctuated equilibria acknowledges the gaps in the fossil record used by creationists as evidence against evolution, and explains them as due to the nature of the speciation process. However, the new theory applies only to gaps between species, and does not help with the problem of gaps between higher taxa. Published in Origins v. 5, n. 1.

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Does Evolution Qualify as a Scientific Principle?

The claim that evolution is a "principle of science" is refuted by its lack of prediction, its status as unfalsifiable, and the logical circularity of some of its most important claims. Published in Origins v. 4, n. 1.

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The Potency of Prevailing Concepts

Several scientists have acknowledged that the evidence for evolution is deficient, and new approaches and information are needed. Published in Origins v. 3, n. 1.

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Literature reviews

A review of the book, Darwin Retried: An Appeal to Reason. the evidence for evolution is so weak it should not be considered a valid theory. Creation is not favored either. Published in Origins v. 1, n. 2.

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