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The Teaching of Creation and Evolution in the State of Tennessee

The state of Tennessee had a law banning teaching of origins that denied the biblical story of creation. This law was repealed by the state legislature in about 1967, but was soon replaced with another bill requiring equal time for creation. This bill still awaits final action. Published in Origins v. 1, n. 2.

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The Del Norte County Survey

A survey of citizens in Del Norte County, California revealed that a strong majority favor inclusion of creation in the public school curriculum. Published in Origins v. 1, n. 2.

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California Science Textbook Controversy

EDITOR’S NOTE: Original pagination for this article was p 29-34. 

The teaching of creation in science classrooms has become a hot political issue in California, involving the California Department of Education, the National Association of Biology Teachers, the National Academy of Sciences, and the creationist community. Published in Origins v. 1, n. 1.

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