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Climatic Changes and Changes in Populations

Climates have changed signficantly over time, resulting in movements of humans and other species. Published in Origins v. 9, n. 1.

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Historical Development of the Current Understanding of the Geologic Column: Part I

The crucial questions on the relationship of Genesis and geology, of religion and geological science nearly all hinge in some way on one's understanding of the meaning and significance of the geologic column. It is important, therefore, to understand something of its origin as a system. Published in Origins v. 8, n. 2.

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Implications of the Spread of Darwinism

Darwinism has become the dominant paradigm of origins, despite recognition of its deficiency of evidence. The reason for the success of Darwin's theory is more due to sociological and philosophical factors than to scientific evidence. Published in Origins v. 4. n. 2.

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Tracing the Tales

A review of the book, The Two-taled Dinosaur. Dinosaurs, and other fossils, can be interpreted in more than one way. Published in Origins v. 4, n. 2.

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