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The Structure of the Genesis Flood Narrative and Its Implications

Analysis of the literary structure of the Flood narrative shows that it is the product of a single author, and not a compilation from various sources. Published in Origins v. 6, n. 1.

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Some Issues Regarding the Nature and Universality of the Genesis Flood Narrative

The account of the flood as given in Genesis is brief, and many different interpretations have been given to the events described therin. Three expressions used in that narrative will be analyzed below in an attempt to show their original meaning. Published in Origins v. 5, n. 2.

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The Biblical View of the Extent of the Flood

There are two conflicting schools of interpretation regarding the extent of the Genesis flood. Traditionally the Biblical flood narrative has been understood to refer to a universal catastrophe, but on the basis of considerations from the natural sciences, commentators and interpreters began to seek for a limited flood theory or relative view of the Genesis flood. Published in Origins v. 2, n. 2.

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Ark Fever

A review of the books Noah's Ark: Fact or Fable?and The Ark File. Legends and stories of the ark on Mt. Ararat have not been confirmed. One must be careful not to be so eager to find the ark that one does not carefully check the evidence. Published in Origins v. 2, n. 2.

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The Fountains of the Great Deep

The words "burst forth" correspond to the words "were opened" and the expression "the fountains of the great deep" corresponds to the "windows of the heavens." This chiastic parallelism indicates that the waters below the ground came forth as the waters above the ground broke loose. Published in Origins v. 1, n. 2.

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Flood Models Studied

The Bible-Science Subcommittee of the Biblical Research Committee of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists met a year ago to begin the development of an adequate flood model. Such a model proposes to correlate the Biblical description of the flood with geological and paleontological evidence. Published in Origins v. 1, n. 1.

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