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Issues in Intermediate Models of Origins

Many models have been proposed that tend to blur some of the contrasts between the biblical and naturalistic theories. A number of attempts have been made to develop intermediate models in which elements of the biblical story of creation are mixed with elements of the scientific story of origins. All of these models share the biblical idea that nature is the result of divine purpose and the “scientific” idea of long ages of time, but all suffer from serious scientific problems or are entirely ad hoc and conjectural.

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Detecting Design in Nature

Design in nature can be detected using criteria similar to those for searching for extraterrestrial life, such as purpose, extreme improbability, or specification. Published in Origins n. 56..

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Literature reviews: Finding Darwin’s God

A review of the book, Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution. Published in Origins n. 55.

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Integrating Faith and Learning in the Teaching of Biology

The Intelligent Design movement is crucially important for all Adventist educators, especially for those in science, in the integration of faith and learning in their classrooms.

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Our Creator - The Master Engineer

Engineers have the distinguished legacy of following in their Creator's footsteps, thinking God's creative and analytical thoughts after Him. Should we not spend some time reflecting on the Master Engineer as we train engineers to work responsibly in this world?

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God and Nature: An Approach to Creation

Origins may sometimes be a contentious issue in science and faith because of differing presuppositions about God's relationship to nature. An argument has been presented here that it is eminently reasonable to believe that direct supernatural action was involved in the origins of the universe, life, and humanity, and that a scientific process restricted to observable physical mechanisms is inadequate to discover and explain our origins.

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God and Calculus

The purpose of this paper is to show how to use calculus in our relationship with God. I will employ parallelism and contrast to teach the values with the hope that through teaching calculus the teacher can bring his/her students closer to God.

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The Importance of Intelligent Design Theory for Adventist Science Education

Seventh-day Adventist schools and colleges were founded by a church concerned to provide an education that did not alienate its children from their Biblical beliefs and Christian worldview. I believe that Adventist educators must become evangelists for Biblical theism.

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Integrating Faith and Learning in the Teaching of Physics

Historians of science have suggested that the Judea-Christian environment of western Europe and the belief in a monotheistic God were responsible for the development of modem science in that culture. Today students can still see that Christianity and physics are compatible and that similar assumptions underlie both.

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A Biblical Approach to Geology

Beginning with the authority and historicity of Scripture, this paper outlines the importance of the biblical texts that create guidelines and boundaries for interpretation of nature in general and in the classroom. Application of this approach as a means of bolstering faith in the Christian classroom is presented, followed by evidences from the rock record that seem to me to be consistent with the biblical account of a worldwide flood.

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Issues of Origins in Zoology and Genetics: A Look at the Evidence

Zoology and genetics are required courses for biology majors. Both subjects are usually structured around the theme of the theory of evolution. A careful examination of the scientific basis of these disciplines shows that the evolutionary framework doesn't fit with a lot of their fundamental aspects, however. Some of these topics even constitute strong evidence in favor of intelligent design.

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Biblical Approaches to Biology

The integration of Bible and science is an uphill work that requires careful reading of both the Bible and of scientific data. Because no other natural science has traveled so great a distance down an anti-biblical road, no other science requires this corrective procedure more than biology.

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A Biblical-Christian Approach to Teaching Philosophy of Science: A Proposal

How can a teacher present Christian values to students. Can a Philosophy of Science teacher reveal Christ in an enviromnent of academic pressure, secularism, and an indifference to the Christian worldview?

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The Bible and the Philosophy of Science

The purpose of this paper is to identify and assess five elements of a Christian philosophy of science implied in the verse "worship Him who made the heaven and the earth, and sea, and the springs of waters" (Rev 14:7) which is so central to mainline Seventh-day Adventist theology.

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The Bible and Biology

If the stranglehold of naturalism can be weakened enough for open discussion of the philosophical issues, the resulting open-minded discussion of design vs. chance will be very beneficial to science. There is a great need of this openness in science. Science should be an open-ended search for truth, rather than a closed system that will not consider certain ideas.

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A Christian Approach to Teaching Ecology . . . or is It Environmental Science?

Ecology, or environmental science, is multidisciplinary. As such, it allows ecology to be integrated with other disciplines. It also allows us to tie it to faith.

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Searching for the Creator through the Study of a Bacterium

As a scientist, I frequently find myself taking a polemic stance in defense of creationism. In doing this, I easily lose sight nature as a revealer of its Creator. It is a pleasant change to contemplate my field of scientific interest, looking for insight about the Creator.

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God in Nature: Revelations of the Divine Mathematician

Any credence given to the study of mathematics must recognize that God is the original mathematician. And though, through the ages, humankind has experimented to be able to draw conclusion in the areas of mathematics, God's laws are error-free and constant. His everlasting watch-care in the "natural" cyclic phenomena of this earth daily prove His mathematical supremacy. Galileo is remembered for having acknowledged that "mathematics is the language that God used to create the universe."

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Habitat Responsibility: Teaching Stewardship through Chemistry

It must be emphasized that Chemistry, like any other area of scientific knowledge, is neither good nor bad, but like everything else that was marred by the entrance of sin, man's ability to manipulate his environment has led to misuse. Instead of giving in to technicism, where technology sets the agenda for life on planet Earth, the ethics of the Bible should be the basis on which we make decisions on the value of life and on the conduct of life.

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Black Boxes And Designers

Literature Reviews

A review of the book, Darwin's Black Box. Published in Origins v. 23, n. 1.

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