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The Genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 and Their Alleged Babylonian Background

With the discovery in the early 1870's of the Babylonian flood account, which was recognized to be closely related to the flood story in Genesis, there was opened a new chapter of comparative studies relating the various aspects of the book of Genesis to materials uncovered from ancient Near Eastern civilizations.

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Two Reviews of a Comprehensive Overview — A

This book is one of the few recent attempts to present both sides in a logical, understanding manner so the reader can be informed on the issues, regardless of the position for which he opts. Published in Origins v. 5, n. 2.

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Two Reviews of a Comprehensive Overview — B

Review of the book, The Creation-Evolution Controversy. This may be the best comprehensive treatment of scientific creationism that has become available prior to mid-1977. Published in Origins v. 5, n. 2.

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Adam in Ancient Mesopotamian Traditions

Since the recovery and publication of texts from the Ancient Near East is a continuing endeavor, the materials already published need to be reexamined from time to time in the light of more recent information.

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The Meaning of Genesis 1:1

It may be surprising to some students of the Bible that the translation and meaning of the opening words of the Bible are disputed. For 2,000 years the first verse of the Bible has been officially translated into Western languages with the familiar words, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Now three authorized versions of the Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Protestant communities translate the first verse of the Bible differently.

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Equality from the Start: Woman in the Creation Story

The first three chapters of Genesis are of crucial importance for both the origins of our world and for determining relationships between man and woman. Without these chapters, any understanding of the mutuality between man and woman is impaired and one-sided.

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The Meaning of “Let Us” in Genesis 1:26

The plural "let us" in the phrase "let us make man" in Gn 1:26 has a long history of interpretation, reaching into pre-Christian times. What does the plural "us" in this enigmatic phrase indicate?

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Creation Convention II

The second Creation Convention was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 18-21, 1974. Published in Origins v. 2, n. 1.

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The Genesis Genealogies as an Index of Time

The age of the earth and the antiquity of man are of no particular theological import in and of themselves, though theologians have become interested in the subject because of the purported discrepancy between the biblical view of these periods and that now held by most modern scientists.

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Towards the Development of a General Theory of Creation

A general theory of creation is proposed, consisting of ten postulates derived from divine revelation and informed by observations of the created world. Published in Origins v. 1, n. 1.

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Theological Dimensions of the Christian Doctrine of Creation

Only in confrontation by God in Christ and only in commitment to him through faith does the meaning of creation come Only in the experience of re-creation in Christ can we truly confess that we believe in God the Father almighty, the maker of heaven and earth.

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The Essential Knowledge

An excerpt from the book Testimonies for the Church, Volume Eight, where Ellen G. White discusses the relationship between nature, God, and our understanding of His creation.

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Science and Revelation

An article by Ellen G. White published in Signs of the Times

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Science, True and False, and Revelation

A compilation of passages from the writings of Ellen G. White addressing the relationship between science and revelation

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